What are you going to do with those?



A few years ago, Darrell and Marty were "moving on up to the East Side" and they were going to tear down the porch shade structure in the yard of their old Bedford house before they moved. They asked Paul if he wanted the huge beams that were part of this structure. When he said yes I thought ... what for??? I just could not imagine where he would use this wood... but Paul surprised me.  First he used them on the small fence in front of the pool equipment. The posts were used to hold the large cement pots at the top and we planted some moss rose type plants that cascaded over the sides. The second project were the posts in front of the door at Lizzie Lane . I am always amazed at Paul's talents and the ideas he has.

Thank you Darrell and Marty for the wood posts. They are now a permanent part of PB Garden.