Whole Body Extract Immunotherapy


I am in the 5 percent of the population that has a severe life threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis when stung by a fire ant. The red or black imported fire ant now infests more than 260 million acres in the southern United States. The long-term treatment of fire ant sting allergy is called whole body extract immunotherapy, that contains the entire body of the ant, not just the venom. It is a highly effective program administered by an allergist-immunologist, which can prevent future allergic reactions to fire ant stings. Whole body extract immunotherapy will involve administering gradually increasing doses of extract to decrease my sensitivity to the fire ant sting. This will reduce the risk of a future allergic reaction. I will have to continue these allergy shots for five years. If someone told me years ago that someday I would have ants injected into me, I would not have known how to believe them. I am so very grateful for this therapy, and my knowledgeable physician and look forward to again being able to enjoy my garden and the outdoors without fear in the years to come.