Innovative Mom funds college with flowers



Yesterday I happened to be off work and gardening out in front when a young man approached me. He asked if I would like to buy some flowers to help him pay for college. I said, of course, and he brought me down to meet his Mom, Arlissa. They were driving a truck and on the side the sign said "College Fund Flowers". The truck was filled with trays and trays of begonias, petunias and zinnias. Arlissa explained to me that this fall she will have four children in college, but found out a week ago that her newest college student wanted to go to Oklahoma, which meant out of state tuition. Panic struck this Mom, as does most Mom's when our children aspire to do something that does not fit our budget. We search for any way that we can to help them, which is what Arlissa did. In the last week, she had the vision for a flower business, used the Internet to find resources and get set up, acquired a tax id number, and hired students to help her. "College Fund Flowers" is certainly going to be a success, with such an innovative, quick thinker like Arlissa. Good luck !! Don't forget to invite us to the graduation party in four years !! If you live in Bedford, Texas or close proximity contact for more information.

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