So many flowers little dirt


Today I started two new flower beds outside of the new arbor. We planted chinese wisteria on one side which blooms in the spring and evergreen wisteria on the other side that blooms in the summer. We also planted Don Juan and Climbing Pinkie Roses. The Climbing Pinkie Rose Bush does not have thorns so it is perfect for arbors. I dug out two new beds on each side and planted my first Yellow Knock Out Rose...a new release for this year. I am anxious to see the beautiful blooms it will make. I love Paul's design of the arbor. The garden gate makes it very interesting from the street as passer-bys will wonder what is behind it. When I was growing up I used to walk by a Japanese Garden in our neighborhood. You could only see in through the cracks of the fence but I was so intrigued. I never did get to see it but I am sure it was beautiful. There are so many flowers left to plant and so little dirt. I am going to have to go "up" arbors and walls to make room. :) Thank you Paul for building this arbor for me.


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