Time In a Bottle


We had a wonderful weekend at PB Garden. Saturday I did some Italian cooking with a new recipe by Giada and also baked apple crisp with the apples I brought back from Maine. Jennifer spent the weekend with us and we just love when she is here. I had not been in the garden in two weeks and I spent most of Sunday pruning and designing some new pots while Paul cleaned the garage and Jennifer went to an art gallery in Fort Worth.  Everything is still in bloom and the arbors look lovely. There is so much I want to do and learn about growing roses and perennials but I just run out of time. So today I was thinking back on the lyrics from Jim Croce's song which had no meaning at the time, but now I can fully related to the message he was sending back in 1972. If I could put Time in a Bottle.... The first thing that I'd like to do is to spend everyday like a treasure......... "But there never seems to be enough time.........To do the things you want to do.........Once you find them" I would love to bottle up all these weekends and spend them over and over again, with Paul, Jennifer, Brian, Rachael, John Paul, our parents, our family and our friends and that is what I plan to do for a long time to come. One thing I have learned lately is each day is a gift and we must treasure every moment . So today join us in PB Garden for some beautiful Knock Out Roses as well as the "unknown $5 rose" from end of the season sale table last year, with an exquisite smell. By the way Paul and I were looking for lizards and found that our door looked great from the other side of the fence too. Come on in !!!